4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional for your Commercial Cleaning Needs

Professional Office Cleaning Company
We want business owners to be able to focus on what they do best and delegate their cleaning obligations over to a professional cleaning service they can trust. We listen to your unique needs and take everything that has to do with cleaning off your plate. There are countless benefits to delegating cleaning responsibilities to a professional, including:

1 Experience - Professional cleaning companies are experienced in office cleaning, sanitizing and dusting.

2 Consistency – Business owners and staff are busy. Cleaning is typically the first thing that falls to the back burner. When you hire a professional cleaning service you don’t have to worry about managing cleaning duties or cleaning the office.

3 Company Morale – The moods around the office can drop when business owners delegate cleaning duties to office staff. They don’t want to clean the bathroom, empty the trash, vacuum, etc. Let your staff do what they do best and leave cleaning to the experts.

4 Results - When offices are clean and sanitized, those working are less likely to get sick and you can maximize their output.

Contact Continental Janitorial Services today to setup your free consultation. We serve the Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Goleta and Santa Ynez Valley Areas. We look forward to hearing from you!

Give the Gift of Time & Peace of Mind for Valentine’s Day

How do you find the perfect way to say you truly care about your Valentine?

Pamper your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day with the gift of time and peace of mind. The amount of time we spend worrying about what needs to be cleaned, or the time we spend actually cleaning can feel overwhelming. Imagine giving the gift of time whether it is a spotless home, a pressure washed garage or driveway, sparkling clean windows inside and out, or clean carpets. We can do it all for you! One visit will leave your loved one feeling relieved and relaxed. And, the results will compliment any other plans you have for your loved one. They can spend the entire day in the moment with you instead of worrying about those pesky household chores.

Contact Continental Janitorial Services to schedule a cleaning service for your Valentine this year. You can either schedule the specific cleaning services for them, or they can call and customize the cleaning according to their needs and schedule.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Continental Janitorial Services!

How Does Street Sweeping Benefit Me?

Did you know that Street Sweeping removes garbage and debris from the streets to help reduce the risk of it getting down into your drains? It is also useful in keeping the streets of any urban area looking as clean as possible at all times and helps cities comply with certain necessary requirements such as federal stormwater requirements.

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What is Pressure Washing?

Hot water pressure washing, or more commonly referred to as pressure washing, can be used to remove mold, dust, loose paint, mud, grime and dirt from objects and surfaces such as buildings, homes, driveways, walkways, concrete surfaces, vehicles, etc. Continental Janitorial Services has superior cleaning abilities for virtually any kind of surface that needs pressure washing. We will give you a free estimate followed by high quality work & outstanding service. We offer Residential or Commercial pressure washing services in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Goleta and The Santa Ynez Valley.

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