Natural Cleaning Remedies

Have you ever thought of switching to more natural cleaning remedies that can benefit you and your household? It can eliminate chemical exposure, save you money and even save time. Here are some pointers on getting started on your natural, clean home by using a homemade multipurpose cleaner and tips for the many uses of coconut oil!

All Purpose Cleaner:
Instead of going with the normal Lysol multipurpose cleaner from the grocery store, start making your own cleaner with ingredients from your very own kitchen.

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A Guide to Summer Cleaning

For those of us that didn't quite get around to Spring Cleaning…We have you covered! Follow this simple guide to making your home sparkling clean just in time for the summer BBQ’s and hangouts.

Begin With the Ceilings
  • If you have any lighting fixtures that you can remove, take them down and wash them! (Note: there are some you can actually wash in the dishwasher!)
  • Restock any lightbulbs that you have been meaning to replace.
  • Dust the ceiling for any cobwebs using a vacuum attachment, or swiffer dusters.
  • Dust off all the window frames.
  • Clean all of your windows with glass cleaner and don't forget the outside too!
  • If you have any special curtains or drapes now is the perfect time to wash them or take them to get dry cleaned.

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Vinegar, No Longer Only A Condiment!

Have you heard rumors about all the magnificent things you can do with just vinegar? Not only is vinegar a condiment, it is an extremely useful tool we can use to clean our kitchens, bathrooms, and even our laundry! Below are a few ways you can use vinegar to clean different areas of your home.

Vinegar in the Kitchen:
  1. Want your coffee mugs and teacups to look like new? Simply scrub any stains with vinegar and salt.
  2. If you have buildup on your kitchen faucet just mix up some salt and vinegar, apply it to the buildup, and rub it off with a warm washcloth.
  3. You can use vinegar or lemons to eliminate the cloudy film that you may find on your blender, Ninja or Nutribullet.

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Give Mom the Gift of a Spotless Home

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Set the tone this year by surprising your Mom with the gift of a clean home so she can truly sit back and enjoy Mothers Day. She will have more time to relax and the peace of mind that nothing needs to be done around the house. Your Mom will be able to spend more time truly enjoying her day this year with those she loves most. We will make sure the house is spotless for her, which is sure to put a big smile on her face.

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