Why is it Important to Clean Your Windows Professionally?

Windows let in that beautiful natural lighting during the day, block out the weather and provide us with spectacular views of our outside world. Windows are some of the most appealing parts of your home or business, so why not keep them sparkling clean? We’ve gathered some of the most important benefits to consider when deciding whether or not to get your windows cleaned professionally, or to get out the sponge and soap and do it yourself.

Protect From Irreversible Damage

Often times dirt and debris can cause permanent damage to your windows. When you get your windows cleaned you can stay ahead of damage and stains while keeping your windows protected. Professionals can also inform you if they see anything that needs to be addressed.

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Houseplants For Cleaner Air Quality

Ever thought about bringing your green thumb indoors? Below is a list of the best indoor plants that will bring that natural outdoor feeling into your home while improving air quality at the same time!

We've all dealt with an Aloe Vera obsession after too much sun by the pool but did you know that this beneficial succulent, when grown indoors, clears the air of unwelcome byproducts that often come from chemical based cleaners?

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Natural Cleaning Remedies

Have you ever thought of switching to more natural cleaning remedies that can benefit you and your household? It can eliminate chemical exposure, save you money and even save time. Here are some pointers on getting started on your natural, clean home by using a homemade multipurpose cleaner and tips for the many uses of coconut oil!

All Purpose Cleaner:
Instead of going with the normal Lysol multipurpose cleaner from the grocery store, start making your own cleaner with ingredients from your very own kitchen.

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A Guide to Summer Cleaning

For those of us that didn't quite get around to Spring Cleaning…We have you covered! Follow this simple guide to making your home sparkling clean just in time for the summer BBQ’s and hangouts.

Begin With the Ceilings
  • If you have any lighting fixtures that you can remove, take them down and wash them! (Note: there are some you can actually wash in the dishwasher!)
  • Restock any lightbulbs that you have been meaning to replace.
  • Dust the ceiling for any cobwebs using a vacuum attachment, or swiffer dusters.
  • Dust off all the window frames.
  • Clean all of your windows with glass cleaner and don't forget the outside too!
  • If you have any special curtains or drapes now is the perfect time to wash them or take them to get dry cleaned.

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