It’s that time of year again! A time when all of our family and friends gather to celebrate the Holidays and give thanks. Even though Thanksgiving is all about being grateful, it can get stressful trying to prepare your home perfectly for the festivities and family gatherings to come. With the stress of everything else going on it’s hard to keep up with the deep cleaning during the holidays so we cut the list down to three basics.


The first, and most important part of a festive home, is a clean kitchen. We all know that with the holidays approaching, this means a lot of cooking and keeping up with the kitchen. Feel good about keeping up with the basics, cleaning the countertops, the stove and of course keeping up with the dishes. Mopping and sweeping the floors before any guests arrive and getting rid of any lingering odors will create the perfect environment for you and your loved ones to feast this holiday season. Keeping things organized and lighting a festive candle can also give you more peace of mind that is just as important!


The second key to your holiday season household is keeping your bathrooms spotless. You will have a lot of friends and family going in and out during the holidays and we’ve found that a lot of people feel that a clean bathroom is important to them, especially when they know guests will be using them. Make certain you are stocked with hand-soap and toilet paper for your guests. Clean the surfaces and the sink, take out the trash, be sure to use a new hand towel and light a candle to create an odor free bathroom for your guests.


Last but not least, create an ambiance in your home this season your guests won’t forget. Ambiance is about how the environment of your home makes your guests feel. It is the most exciting part of creating the ideal holiday home. So dim the lights, lighten the mood with some fun festive music, light candles, and hang the perfect decorations throughout the home. Have fun with it and it will shine through the home!

Happy Holidays to you and your family from Continental Janitorial Services!

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